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  1. Phyllis says:

    Very nice article Jayson! Enjoyed it!

    • Jayson Woodward says:

      Thank you Phyllis! If you registered on the website you’ll get an email everytime something new is posted. Happy to see you here and on FB!

  2. Shanna says:

    Yes! Yes! Thanks for putting it out there, in no uncertain terms, that rape is violence. The culture around sex, violence and power must change. Children must be taught respect and boundaries. Thanks for this, Jayson.

    • Jayson Woodward says:

      Thank you for reading this, Shanna. Much happening around my book and its message. I say, if you’re a #metoo…Good for you for surviving and taking your power back. If you’re a #notme, I say Good for you for being proactive in your own self defense. What I want is for EVERYONE to be a
      #NEVERAGAIN. We can stop it if we all refuse to even listen to degrading, disrespectful comments towards women. Every woman is someone’s mother, sister, daughter, wife, niece, neighbor. STOP RAPE.

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