All In a Day’s Work (in San Antonio)

Jayson Woodward © August 2019


Hello my friends!

This link (click here) will give you a further glimpse of who I am and the mission I am on. This is the interview with KENS Ch. 5 television in San Antonio, Texas, a CBS affiliate, filmed today, Aug. 20.

Rape and sexual assault are huge topics requiring more than the few minutes a television station can lend in their brief local morning shows. BUT IT’S A START! And everyone knows,
“The longest journey begins with the first step!” I am hoping these interviews will work to do several things:

  1. Let victims know they can take charge of their lives and overcome obstacles to their healing
  2. Let male victims know we are waiting to join their voices to ours to STOP RAPE.
  3. Bring the topic of rape out of the closet and talk openly, unabashedly, and candidly to stop the epidemic.

I ask that all of you add your own voices in any way you can and join me in the effort to end this senseless violence. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go TOGETHER.”


3 Responses so far.

  1. Bev.Brown says:

    So very proud of you for your healing efforts. Thank you for pulling us TOGETHER! We Can Extinguish this sickness by powerful Word and Action! Thank you for the Torch to light the Way.

  2. Marlene Breese says:

    Jayson This has been a journey for you built on courage and great faith. As I always said this is a story that needed told and it will help many people both victims and others. THANK YOU !

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