About Jayson Woodward

Jayson Woodward

Learning to navigate her way through a dangerous and disintegrating family, Jayson Woodward has been writing and counseling in one form or another her entire life. Reaching adulthood, she went on to earn a B.S. Degree in Education and Writing, and then a M.Ed. degree in counseling.

She became a certified teacher and taught writing for ten years. She counseled young clients in a school setting over issues which she, herself,was all too acquainted.

“I believe books and writings of any kind that reach people can positively impact their lives,” has been a mantra throughout her life. In Borderline, her second book, she hopes her narrative will inspire readers to overcome challenges associated with victimhood, while teaching basic information in defending against predation.

Sharing her life with purpose

Her first book, The Heart Remembers, her numerous short stories and songs, all reflect the power of people, especially women, to overcome adversity with mercy and forgiveness.

A well-seasoned traveler, Ms. Woodward has lived near many borders: the southwestern border of the United States, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Peru. Her travels have served to broaden her interests in geology, gemstones and jewelry making and to enrich her understanding of life through cultures different from her own.

As a single mother to a son, she learned that wit and humor can go a long way to survival of almost anything. In fact, while trying to grow up in her birth family, comedy became one of her strongest coping skills. And so throughout her writings, the reader will sometimes come across humorous writings in the most solemn places. “Humor diffuses stress, and life is all about dis-tress and eu-stress. Laugh a little.”

Jayson lives in the southwest and continues to write.