The events I share in my new book, Borderline, happened in 1985.  And while that date is so far away, the memories of what happened to me on a full moon October night, deep in the Texas desert,  are etched in my heart and in my mind, never to be erased.  In fact, writing the book was like holding the memories in my fingertips…the words were so familiar they just flew like sparks out of my fingers.

But until now, the time wasn’t right to share my story.  And, possibly, I wasn’t right either, to re-live the events of that night, and the horrendous months that followed.  But with time, comes experience, and hopefully a bit of wisdom.  The intervening years have taught me that sharing the experiences that give us knowledge, wisdom, and the ability to journey on in our life path is a responsibility not to be shirked.

The opportunity to live up to that responsibility has presented itself with this book.  It is my fondest wish that readers of Borderline find their own wisdom  to avoid danger, and should danger find them, the courage and strength to become a survivor, not a victim.

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You can also read the extraordinary story about The Lawless West written by Walt Harrington for the Washington Post while Refugio Gonzalez was awaiting trial in April 1986 HERE

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