Borderline – The Book

A true story of courage and justice is now available in EBook and Paperback

The haunting wilderness of the Texas Chihuahuan Desert provided the perfect backdrop for a desperate and demented undocumented alien to strike terror into the heart of a single mother living alone in Terlingua.  Through fourteen tortuous hours her efforts to stay alive document the incredible strength of a woman determined to outwit her captor and live long enough to tell the story.

The heartbreaking events of that night, and the following saga that led to the capture and trial of Refugio Gardea Gonzalez, became a controversial international border incident. With courageous audacity, these events are finally shared by the woman who was dead center of this unprecedented story.  Written with gripping intensity, this is a tale that will move you, shake you, and leave you wanting to know more about the extraordinary Texas Spirit.

Borderline is a book about survival under the most harrowing conditions. A woman alone faces a ruthless stranger in a remote area, who is determined to control that person and dehumanize her.  Her courage and survival reveal an inner strength that assists her in coming through the ordeal a stronger person.  This book should be made available to every crisis center nationwide. Ron Odem, Principal (Ret)

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KIRO Nights Interview

KIRO Nights Gee Scott and Aaron Mason have kindly permitted me to post a copy of yesterday’s interview with me – it’s worth grabbing a cup of something and listening in as I share my story. HERE is the full interview.

I enjoyed talking with Gee and Aaron and hope you enjoy this interview – I sure did. Here are some highlights. These two hosts, Gee and Mason, are so much fun to listen to and wonderful to work with. Check out their show, KIRO Nights, frequently. (you may need to register at KIRO to listen to their streaming) ~Jayson