The Heart Remembers

A Memoir of Growth Through Grief

Jayson’s latest book…

The Heart Remembers chronicles Jayson’s journey as she comes to terms with her husband’s untimely death.  Beginning with the first signs of illness, and continuing through the unexpected events that led to her husband’s death, Jayson shares the process of grief and provides insight into the emotions, actions, and thoughts one might experience in a similar circumstance.

Both heartbreaking and uplifting, this narrative of a spouse’s death is one that many have already experienced, and many more will experience.  It presents a candid and personal exposure to a situation that is impossible to prepare for, yet lends the information that may alleviate some of the pain and loneliness inherent in such an occurrence. 

This memoir offers a glimpse into one woman’s efforts to turn tragedy into enlightenment, confusion into understanding, and shows that hope exists in all things…even death.

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